• Marktheguitarguy McKenzie

Top Tips for Practicing Guitar at Home

always tell my students to do (or not do) these following steps to guarantee the best results from my lessons and learning the guitar in general.

All of the tips are geared at picking the damned thing up and playing it. Pretty simple really.

1. Don't put your guitar in the case: The case is fantastic for transportation only!! Yes you need it to get it to a lesson and from...or to a gig or to your next concert stadium. Also handy on long haul flights (hard case please)..but no guarantees on it's safety ....sorry.

2. Don't put your guitar away: Not under the bed, not in the closet, not in a cold room at the end of your 2000 ft mansion. We humans are lazy...we don't want to bend over, unzip things, walk or unclip latches.

3. Do keep it in/on a 'Guitar Stand': The stand should be stable and within reach. That way you'll grab it easily when you're inspired or bored. Also it can be a sexy wall mounted guitar stand..they are pretty cheap and look sooo cool too.

4. D0 keep it where you play it: If you tend to tinker whilst watching tv, then keep it next to the sofa. If you tend to pick it up when you're in the office or studying, keep it within arms reach.

5. Do have something you're working on: Maybe it's a cool song. Maybe it's a new scale shape, riff, chord progression..... whatever! Just have something you're working towards, otherwise it's guitar groundhog day..and you'll lose motivation.

6. Do Get a Mentor/Teacher: Weekly lessons are the best for the fastest improvements, but even someone you can check-in with every once in a while to make sure you're on track. Insert Shameless plug!! Yes I'm awesome at this hehehehe. Go to my Facebook page and try me out.

7. Do have fun: Don't forget the reason you got a guitar in the first place. So make it a habit to always end your session on the guitar with something you love to play. It doesn't need to be difficult or challenging, just something that makes you 'FEEL' good.