• Mark TheguitarGuy

Why Us Guys Suck at getting Guitar Lessons

It's amazing to me how my YouTube channel is about 75% male, yet when I announce "Free 1st one on one lesson with me!" to everybody...the ratio is about 50/50 male to female.

I've known this all to well in my Guitar Tuition business over the last 25 years..... and can you guess why?

Is it because I'm so sexy, every female is just lining up to get to spend time with me?....nope.

Is it because I'm 'non threatening' to women and I 'trigger' the men?.... maybe?

Is it because my male followers are already too awesome and are simply following me as validation of their awesomeness? .....possibly.

There's one reason for this, and the reason I know the answer, is because I've done it myself.....EGO!

Yes ...Women have an ego, but it shows itself very differently.

Men will get lessons....but first they must become AWESOME! ...THEN they will get lessons. Yes seriously that's how we think.

Women are quite happy to turn up and say "I know absolutely nothing...teach me please"

Men HATE to admit they know nothing...it feels un-manly somehow. You can actually see the pain on our face as we admit our lack of skill and knowledge...and weakness is felt as un-manly. It's why we don't ask for directions....We feel we must have all the answers. It's in our genetics. It's not our fault guys. I know the pain very well. There's all sorts of evolutionary psychology studies that point to the issue and why it's a trait of ours.

I first realised this when I decided to get lessons in fighting, back in 1990. Yes...I would go to martial art class for sure...but first I will teach myself to be awesome, so when I show up, I don't make a fool of myself. I will watch every shitty Kung-fu movie and get a punching bag put up in my parents garage first. Once I consider myself to be awesome enough, I'll go and do my first class and impress the class and the instructor with my natural skill and ability.

Of course it doesn't work that way, but our fear of not knowing something is seen as a weakness to ourselves. When I showed up to my first class, I was absolutely out of my comfort zone. But guess what.....so was everybody else. And a good teacher/instructor/mentor will know this.